Friday, November 13, 2009


I recently left a comment on another bloggers post. This very likable person is being told she's intimidating and not approachable, when she herself feels she's the complete opposite. What makes someone think your one way or another way? 

This was my comment about myself:

I think it depends on where I am and what's on my mind at the time that gives a person an impression of me.

My husband says I carry a "mean mug" on my face. I've known people all my life who said when they first met me they thought I was a bitch. There are times I'm in deep thought or not in the mood to socialize. It must show on my face.

Yet, I am approached ALL the time in places because apparently I look like someone who is willing to help or give guidance or give directions. I'm also very willing and do chat it up with strangers. I will try to make someone who looks uncomfortable, more comfortable by smiling at them and engaging them. Not all the time mind you, just when I'm in that frame of mind.

I am considered by many a social butterfly at work. Very bubbly and silly. I can also be serious and stern.

I don't think I'm any one type of person. And I don't know how I could change who I am either. It's just naturally me.


Mouse said...

I think this is an interesting topic. I give all kinds of mixed first impressions. I've heard EVERYTHING under the sun. I figure my "mood" or "look" depends on the situation. the more chaos there is around, the less approachable i am! haha

Kate said...

Being such a shy person initially, I would probably be intimidated by both of you. I think part of it is the person who is being approached, and the other part is the person doing the approaching. The funny thing is both you and Mouse are some of the nicest, most caring, easy to talk to people I have come to know.

Sandra said...

Thanks Kate.

I was just approached yesterday(all beit while driving) for directions by another driver who pulled up beside me. Even my CAR looks approachable. Must be the minivan affect. haha