Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm around!

I know I've been lagging. I'm rarely on the computer at home and 2 days into work I've been too busy but I'll fill my readers (the few of you I have) in on what's been going on lately.

We did not go to the snow. I decided if Todd couldn't go with us since he had to work thru Wednesday I didn't want to deal with it myself. I had planned to go the sled place we've been to before, but the more I thought about it I knew Shawna would complain and want to be carried up the hill and that was NOT going to happen with me. The girls and I actually had a nice time at home. They did arts and crafts, watched TV, played with their new Christmas gifts, and we went to the movies one day to see The Tale of Desperaux. I really thought it was cute and well done. We only pee'd 4 times (rolling eyes). The girls and I were surprised with free t-shirts for the kids of the mousie little guy when we paid for our tickets.

New Years Eve was quiet. I spent most of Wednesday (NYE) packing away Christmas. We didn't ring in the new year awake sorry to say. We're old folks now and were content to go to bed apparently. To sleep!

We did go camping on the 1st. Our friends Dina & Susanne had planned to camp nearby w/some lesbian friends they met in October. They called us on the 1st to say how nice it was and how our trailer would fit into a few of the sites. Our trailer is very long and requires a longer pad. Todd and I decided in that moment to pack the trailer meet them that afternoon. Susanne had doozy of a hangover from the night before so she didn't really emerge until the next day. That night it poured rain. It also rained most of the next day. Thankfully I packed the girls rain gear so they could stomp in puddles and get totally soaked. They also got muddy. Mostly Shawna since she found the muddiest puddles to stomp in, which is typical Shawna btw. And genius Todd stuffed her rain pants into her rain boots, rather than pulling them down the outside of the boots, so the rain and mud pretty much ended up in her boots. Can you imagine how thrilled that made me?? I managed to wash them up in the shower, then turned on the trailer heater where I placed the boots upside down over the bathroom vent so they'd dry. I only brought 2 pairs of shoes for the girl so with the rain and mud I needed those rain boots!

We went on a walk, where Rosie proceeded to get soaked on her underside. That's the problem with dogs who are vertically challenged. Dina and Susanne's dogs picked up a couple ticks. Thankfully Rosie didn't. Paula made me turn around early with her since she was getting nervous walking to the unknown which was foggy in the distance. She had also got her pants wet when climbing over a low gate. She didn't like the feeling and I didn't like the complaining so we turned back. I do have to say it was pretty cold out. We had had temps into the 40's.

The final evening Todd hung out in our trailer w/our girls while I got drunk w/the other gals inside their RV. 2 sets of lesbians makes for some fun conversation!!! Actually, they all say they're bi-sexual even though they all prefer women. Gwen was with a man for 10 years before Julie came along. Like I said, fascinating conversation. Both Gwen and Julie have Harley's so I said I wanted to ride one some time. I've always wanted to ride on a Harley. We have neighbors who have them and we've had friends too, but I've only ever ridden on regular motorcycles. They said they'd come up for a visit and take me for a ride. Sweet!

Saturday Paula needed to get spacers in 2 teeth at the ortho. We had planned to camp thru Sunday but everyone else was leaving and with the wetness AND having to go back to work Monday (lots of laundry to do) we left early Saturday morning. After the appointment was over Paula and I visited the library. We got a bunch of books for her, myself and Shawna. I did in fact do tons of laundry all weekend. I still can't understand how a camping trip makes so much more laundry than usual.

I did a huge shopping trip for groceries on Sunday, then hung out at Dina and Susanne's for awhile. Todd was also helping fix their trailer. Throughout the weekend he took Paula and Shawna to fly the heli's and planes where they could also ride their bikes or scooters.

It was really a mellow vacation all around for the most part. As for a Todd update, there is nothing too exciting to talk about. Todd and I have been getting along well. We even had sex the other night, for those of you who care. Sorry for those of you who don't!. I will continue to be skeptical that this will last. At some point he'll screw up majorly again, but for now I'm hopeful things will stay status quo.

The news of the week is Paula has another ortho appointment tomorrow, I'm getting my IUD replaced on Thursday (Todd is fixed but I love not having AF!!! The Mirena is awesome!!) and on Friday night Paula has her 1st Reconiliation which for non-catholic folk is where they do their first confession with a priest and there is a ceremony of sorts too. You can imagine the sweet confessions the kids come up with. No mortal sins with 2nd graders. LOL

That pretty much brings us to current! I will leave you with a group picture and a photo I really love. Before Christmas we went to an adult only Xmas party hosted by Paula and Shawna's ex-softball coach Sam and his wife Danielle. It was a fun night. We used our new tenant to babysit the girls which also went well. Johna and Steve have a daughter in Paula's class and were also on our team. They're also camping buddies now.

Left to right: Todd, Sam, Me, Johna, Steve and Danielle.

I love this picture of my husbands neice Dayna with Paula. Paula's face is just so sweet in this shot.

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Kate said...

Sounds like a good Christmas break. I think we take more stuff when we go places, than we even use when we are home. LOL There is something about all those extra layers when it is cold. At least you all were able to fit some camping in. It sounds like it was a fun time, minus the forever rain.

Love the pictures! P looks so grown up.