Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Funny Kids

Today I had to pay my 5 year old 1 cent for a kiss on the cheek. My 5 year old is my snugly, cuddly child who on most days tries to get back into my womb. But for some reason at school drop off she has no desire to be kissed or hugs.

In contrast, my 7 year old on a regular basis is not a snugly, cuddly child. She doesn't do kisses on the lips, unlike my 5 year old. If she does their tight lipped kisses. She turns her head most times so you get a cheek. But at school drop off she gives me kisses, waves and blows kisses to me while walking to the quad area. If I say bye to Shawna whiles she's walking into the school, she continues to look ahead and just pops her hand up over her shoulder just to pacify me.

Such funny kids.

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