Monday, January 12, 2009

My newest obsession

Gosh, I'm so bad at this blog thing lately. I'm totally into Facebook which is taking up any spare time I might have to write in this thing. I'm looking up anyone I ever knew since I was born. It takes up a lot of time. Mix that up with the fact I've forgotten names of people I knew, so I sit there thinking hard trying to remember names.

I've been asked to be friends with people from high school that I DO NOT remember. And I'd like to say that generally, I have a good memory. My childhood friends are honestly shocked most of the time about how much I remember from 'back then'. But dang it if names somehow get away from me. And matching the name to the face...forget it unless I look them up in our yearbooks.

Like, did you know that I went to Jr. High with Aaron Eckhart? You know, the ACTOR. I did! For 2 years he and I were in the same school. I was actually surprised when a classmate of mine mentioned she'd invited him to our 20 year reunion. She went to elementary school with him but I didn't. I did not realize I'd attended school with a FAMOUS person so I ran to the Jr. High yearbook and there he was, vaguely familiar at that age. I tried really hard to think of interactions I might have had with him but nothing stood out to where I could call him up and say "Hey Aaron, remember me?".

Also on Facebook I've been asked to be friends with people I don't add as friends. I 'ignore' their request. I was engaged in my 20's to a guy who was pretty much a compulsive liar. It was a quick romance but I have no desire for him to keep tabs on me.

I've also been able to snoop on people's page who I don't want to be friends with, but I want to see what they're doing. There is a chic from years ago who I got into an argument with over some stupid game she pulled at a club we were at while our boyfriends were in another part of the club. I've found her page so I've been nosy. She doesn't have it blocked. I hung out w/her husband for several years before she and him dated. Her husband was best friends with my boyfriend at the time. I think I've located my ex but I'm only curious about him because he was such a loser and I'm curious to see what a mess he's made of his life.

Also, I've found spouses or siblings to old friends, so I'm working that route as well. I'm hooking up with family members. I'm really obsessed and as you know, whenever you're obsessed with something it pretty much takes up a lot of your time.

So, the latest and greatest:

1. My 10 year anniversary was on Friday 1/9/09. We didn't celebrate it, but Todd did send flowers to my work and gave me card. I got him nothing.

2. Paula made her 1st Reconciliation (catholic thing) on Friday night where the kids do their first confession with a priest. It was so sweet watching the children sing their songs. The ceremony was really nice and I just LOVE our Irish priest. He's soo funny with the kids.

3. I had my IUD replaced last Wednesday. My IUD is the Mirena where you don't have a period with it. I've been w/out a period for 4.5 years and I was not about to get one even though Todd is fixed. The procedure was uncomfortable, especially when she measured my uterus. Damn!!!! In fact, I almost passed out on my doctor after the procedure, so I had to lay there until my blood pressure came back up. I had cramping afterwards for a couple days but it seems to be over with now.

4. I started Weight Watchers again. When they weighed me on Wed for my IUD appt, my eyes bulged out. I am only a couple pounds less than the weight I started WW several years ago where I lost 22 pounds. So basically, I need to lose 20 pounds to get back to my goal weight. Ugh!!! Granted, people thought I was too skinny then, but I loved it! So I'm back on that wagon. Wish me luck! I should post a picture of what I looked like at my smallest.

5. Work is doing well. My new manager gave those of us on her team mood rings and a fun glowing squishy thing to relieve stress.

6. Money is still an issue. Shawna wants a Pump It Up party for her 6th birthday. I'm caving on the party even though we'll have to borrow from credit cards. Todd's been told to give names for layoff's and they haven't increased his overtime beyond 10 hours allowed. Normally he worked a crap load more which gave us tons of extra money. I need to play the lottery in order to win the lottery.

7. We're looking at refinancing into a lower fixed rate. I'm not optimistic. Todd is pushing this. I think it's a waste of time.

That's it for now! I tried to upload some pics but it's not working. I'll have to try again later.


Lyn said...

As a matter of fact, I DID know you went to junior high with Aaron Eckhart. :)

Sandra said...

LOL Lyn. Yes, well, you would since you were the one who told ME. I'm just so bummed I don't remember anything else but his face at the age of 12 & 13. Although I wonder what, if anything, he remembers about me. I had no recollection about the peanut butter incident at SK's house, or some of the stuff Jeannie reminds me I did. Apparently I don't always leave a postive impression! LOL