Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ties her own shoes

Shawna, my kindergartner, surprised me this morning by tying shoelaces all on her own! I asked her how she learned. She said her buddy taught her. Each class at their school has a buddy. The 7th graders are the kindy's buddies. The kinder's are required to learn to tie shoes, which I'm SO grateful for. In the land of Velcro many kids do not know how to tie shoes. Even though this year the school finally allowed 3rd graders and under to wear Velcro, it's still a requirement to learn. I'm so proud of my girl. :0) She even showed me she can do a double knot! Woohoo! One less thing for mommy to do.

I've had a busy week with meetings for school. Tonight Shawna's class will perform a Sight Word sing-song for the families. Shawna is letter "N" so anytime a sight word with an "N" gets chosen she and the other children who have the matching letters with sing the song that goes with that sight word. They did it when Paula was in this grade and it's really cute.

Today Paula gets her oral expander to fix her cross bite. She's very excited. I know the excitement will wear off when she realizes how bulky it is in her mouth, along with the aches she's going to feel. Hopefully it's not too much of a struggle to get her to keep it in. It's removable. A non-removable was not an option since only 1 side of her upper jaw needs to be re-shaped.

I bought a digital scale last night to monitor my weight loss better. I was pleased with the weight I was this morning. I'm serious this time around and it shows.

I want to post a picture from Thanksgiving time frame. Paula, Shawna, their
great-grandmother, Rosie and I. My Grandma is 92 and turns 93 in February. I love her SO much.
See my double chin??? That is what I'm working to get rid of!

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Kate said...

WTG Shawna!

I hope your weight loss goes great! I still think you look great in this picture. :)