Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm here!

I'm here. Allow me to update what has been happening in February and what will happen going forward.

1. Last week I was home 3 days with Paula. She had a mysterious fever. Wednesday I didn't feel all that great so I slept a lot. I was able to work from home but then they changed our department policy and going forward if my kids are sick I can't work from home. That pisses me off! This decision was made before #2 happened, just in case your wondering.

2. At work I got a "talking to" for being insubordinate. I wasn't insubordinate. I looked it up! What I was instead was insolent. Either way I'm on my manager and Sr. Directors shit list. And just in time for our focal reviews. I do not respect authority. Never have. If you have an 'I'm God' attitude, it's a given that you and I will not get along. It didn't help that I was totally PMSing.

3. I'm working with my friend Aaron learning how to be a financial representative. What does that mean? I'm going to get licensed in life insurance, IRA's, personal, 401K roll overs, and home loans, etc. I desperately need to find a new career. (See #2 for why I need to hurry up!) I can do it all part-time while I utilize Aaron as my trainer. Once I get all the appropriate licenses (for free!) when someone does any of the above through me I get a percentage for it. Wish me luck. I really need this to work out. In addition, I get to help people (and myself) get out of debt and financially independent....something our country really needs right now!

4. Superbowl Sunday I attended a Superbowl party at a place called Club Auto Sport. Here is the link. This place is a condo for cars. I'm not kidding. Not only that I learned they're inventing an AIR CAR. This air car apparently works on the same principle as a compass, using earths gravitational pull. There were some amazing cars in this place; Ferrari's down to Model T's, Classic and new cars. I was told one car I saw was worth over a million dollars! Jay Leno has been to this place. If you know anything about Jay Leno you know he's a car enthusiast. This place had a fitness center, bar, meeting rooms. Basically it's a hang out for car freaks. Wealthy Car Freaks.

That's it for now. I'm off to eat my Progresso soup. I've been bad on my WW commitment.

Oh! Had to come back to add this rainbow picture from last week. Aint it perty?

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