Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presidents Day Weekend summary

Who has time to post on a blog when there is Facebook to peruse?! This will be a quickie.

This past weekend was very wet. Yay! I know there are those of you who dislike rain, but I'm a Lake girl. If I had to pick between a lake and ocean I'd pick a lake. I enjoy the ocean, but in my old age I like the scenery of a lake better.

We cancelled our camping trip due to rain and instead stayed home. Saturday I attended a meeting for a new job opportunity I'm examining. I made a nice Valentines dinner for us which included pink mashed potatoes. Todd and the girls brought me flowers.

I took the girls to get their ears pierced on Sunday. There were some tears but they quickly dried up. They'd both been asking for them. Paula chickened out a year ago or so but not this time. They look really cute.

We had friends over on Sunday night, than their daughter stayed the night. A lot of tequila got consumed. Not by me though! Todd took the girls bumper bowling on Monday and also rode bikes when it wasn't raining. I stayed at home and counted Box Tops for a few hours.

Today I attended a field trip to Petco with Shawna's kindergarten class. Half the class actually. Todd and I call Petco the "poor man's zoo" which basically it is! There were 2 associates who gave us a "tour" and let the kids touch a guinea pig, bird and pass a frog around in a Tupperware type container. The frog peed in the container. Guess which part of the trip was their favorite. Yep, the frog peeing. LOL

My Grandma turns 93 pm Friday. I need to remember to send her flowers. I'm busy with my new part-time job. I'll talk more about it at another time.

OH! Our tenant, Megan, who rents the apartment over our garage called and said she lost her job. She's found an part-time job but can only pay half the rent on the 1st and the rest 2 weeks later. We're agreeing to this arrangement so I typed something up I found on the Internet so we're both covered. We like Megan. I'd hate to lose her but at this point we need her rent with Todd's salary chopped due to lack of overtime.

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