Friday, February 27, 2009

On your face or in the case

I really did intend to update about my part-time job but I'm too swamped at work. I work in the corporate retail world so with retailers filing bankruptcy or not paying their bills timely my work life (which is when I update this thing!) is extremely hectic. I barely have time to pee!!!

Add to that my night job and I'm MIA.

Some highlights from the week:

1. Shawna started soccer practice yesterday. She really likes it. According to her dribbling was her favorite part. haha The grass was soppy wet from all our rain which was another crowd pleas er (this is how blogger's spell check wants to spell this...???).

2. Sadly one of my neighbors dogs passed away this week. (Susie and Dina) They have 4 Pomeranian. The father, Mook Da Moo ,died suddenly. He was coughing and just couldn't get enough air. They rushed him to pet emergency but died en route. He might have even had a heart attack. Mook was a tad bit over weight (read a lot!) because of his love of food. He was my favorite. He did a cute little twirl turn when you'd pull out snacks.

3. I had my 6 months follow-up mammogram yesterday. The tech was only going to take 2 films, but then decided to take 3 because of something she saw. I haven't received a "come back fast" call so I'm hoping it's all good. My doctor will get the results early next week. Send me good luck vibes!

4. Yesterday I found one of my past roommates on Facebook. Danielle was an awesome roommate. In the course of 4 years I had 7 different roommates. We had a 4 bedroom townhouse so girls would rotate out and in for various reasons. I was the only original roomy left when the owners choose to sell. She had the best wardrobe. Sadly she was several inches taller than me but I did borrow some things. She also had the best VCR movie collection. That was a big deal then especially when we were all broke. She's living in San Diego now and married. I'm sooo happy for her. Marriage was really something she wanted but could never find. Now I have 4 friends to visit in San Diego when I go. Jeannie, Danielle, Terry and 24. I'm thinking I just need to ditch the family & plan a solo visit.

5. Paula got busted for peeking in the boys bathroom at school on Monday. The principal told me on Monday night at a 1st communion parent meeting. At first she said "I wanted to let you know I caught your daughter looking in the boys bathroom. Me: "Which daughter?" I mean, come on! If you've been keeping up you know it could easily be Shawna or Paula. She looked at me sideways and said "Paula". Paula's response to the principal was "I didn't go IN. My feet are outside the line". I asked Paula about it and apparently she was playing chase and Sal (who once told me he wasn't Sal during Yard Duty ) ran into the bathroom. "He cheats. He does that a lot." I felt relief. I'm glad she's not a peeping Tom. haha

6. Tonight the girls are at a sleepover with Katie and Christina. Christina and Shawna look like sisters. We're attending a surprise party for our old neighbor Jerry. The mom watching them wants the girls to stay there tomorrow for a play date so the girls are going to a funeral tomorrow with this family for an hour for one of their elderly neighbors who died. I asked the girls if they were okay going and Paula's response was "Yeah! I've never been to a funeral before!". I told them what they could expect at the funeral. I think they'll be okay. Paula is such a worrier and death really concerns her.

7. Shawna has so far lost and forgotten her glasses twice this week. They were lost under a pillow in my room. You know, so she could roll around on my bed without damaging them. Todd located them last night. But then today they were in her room on her dresser so we forgot them at school. Now our motto is "On your face or in the case." helpme

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

Hope you get great mammogram results back!