Monday, March 2, 2009

Jerry's Surprise Party

Whoa Nelly! I had a crazy night on Friday. We spent Friday evening with our old neighbors, Jerry & Olga, who are also Shawna's God Parents. Jerry turned 45 so Olga had a surprise party for him at a place called City Beach. City Beach is a very diverse place. They have rock climbing, volleyball, billiards, bar, dancing, restaurant, arcade games and more. I drank about a 100 glasses of wine (exaggerating, sort of). Part of the birthday party package included 2 drink tickets per person. Olga had extras which she kept handing me (when I wasn't reaching into her bra to get out more) when I'd be low in my glass. At the same time Jerry showed up tipsy. He'd been out having dinner and drinks beforehand. We were posing for someone taking pictures. Jerry pulled down the neck of his shirt for some reason, so I stuck out my tongue towards his hairy chest. Jerry had me recreate that pose several times. I think (know) I was scaring a woman who is the admin for our preschool. There is no way she's ever letting me near her husband. haha

In addition, Olga and I felt the need to do some dirty dancing. Together. Some of the night is a blur. Like after the cab dropped us off at home when Todd told me I needed to take Susie and Dina's garage door opener down to their house because Keenan, Susie's son, was visiting on a break from the Marines and needed to get into the house. Dina & Susie were camping so I was in charge of feeding their cats. I guess Susie called Todd while we were out and told Todd that Keenan was coming. I did not remember any of this on Saturday. In fact, on our way to pick up my minivan later in the day, we drove by Susie and Dina’s house and Todd said he’d seen Jessica (Keenan's girlfriend) but not Keenan and I was like "Keenan isn't here." We had a back and forth conversation about what I did with the garage door opener. haha I did finally recreate (imagine) where I'd put the opener and had vague memories of walking stumbling down to their house.

My memory lapse continued, but not just about Friday night. I was so tired (hung over) that when I received a phone call from our Crab Feed chairperson asking who was selling Crab Feed/Auction tickets that night outside the 5:00pm mass I had completely forgotten I was in charge of the volunteers. Oops. I guess I’m selling them. So I called Todd telling him I’d be gone for dinner. He and the girls were at a park at that point. It all worked out though. I went to church that night to confess (forget) my sins. Afterwards I sold 1 whole ticket. Sunday night I did the same thing only I sold 3 tickets! (Other volunteers sold something like 45 tickets that day at earlier masses so it wasn’t all bad). While I was waiting for mass to finish the sky was gorgeous. I took a picture with my camera phone. Look at the awesome color in the sky.

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