Monday, March 30, 2009

Over the hill

On Sunday two of my favorite friends, Dina and Susanne, and I hiked up the hills near our house. They hike all the time. Me, not to so much. Usually they give me 10 minutes advance notice before they're leaving and frankly, I need more mental preparation to exercise than just 10 minutes. I need hours. Days even! For this hike we had to drive to the start off point but it wasn't too far from our house.
The beginning of our hike starts off creeping under a barbed wire fence. Technically we're not supposed to be on the hills. We also saw what looked like monarch butterflies, but they could have been similar looking moths. It was the caterpillars that blew us away. I have pictures and a video down below.
What do 3 ladies talk about while on a 3 hour hike? You know, life insurance (my new hobby), sex, leg hair, pubic hair, vacations. The usual.

One of the views from the hill. I zoomed this one.

Way out there is the bay More bay Part of the city I live in
The thumb of our city Check out all these caterpillars!!!!!

There were hundreds and all on top of each other.

This is a steam train that runs on the weekends.

Dina and Susanne Creepy bones
Dina & Susanne
Susanne and I

Video of them dancing

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

Great pictures! What fun, except all those catepillars kind of freak me out. : )