Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm normal. Sort of.

Quick update. My mammogram tests came back normal. Yay! I go back in 1 year.

Shawna's glasses are missing. Again. Todd thinks they might be in her share bag. Well, that's a great place for them. Too bad I didn't know that this morning as we're heading out the door to school.

Somehow Todd or I have to make it to the soccer office by tomorrow between 10am - 3pm to buy the girls their uniforms. That should be easy. NOT. Their first games are this Saturday. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. In our defense, they provided us with zero info on uniforms because apparently, most of the girls are return players from fall season so they're using the same uniforms.

My body is achy. Not sick achy but PMS achy. I hate that.

I'm going to attach a blurry picture of my friend Kim and me at a Lacrosse game for the Stealth. She's gorgeous. WTF is up w/all my chins???

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

Yay on your mammogram! Great news! I'm so glad I know what you look like now. And did you see my chins in my pic last week? Bleh! Hey, you MUST read 24 on Mon/Tue and let me know what you think. I already have both posts written becuz I had the craziest experience and I just had to write it up right away. (Me? Crazy experience?) Your friend is very cute.