Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday night reunion

In high school I was really close to a guy named Aran. He and I were always just friends. Never any kind of sexual interest for either of us. His mom really liked me. That was huge considering she doesn't even like the mother of his 4 sons. He's an only child and kind of reserved. I'm the opposite of reserved so we clicked. He's a mechanical freak. Always wrenching on cars. Even today he's a plumbing contractor. He had a 55 Chevy. That thing was so cool. And FAST. And Loud. He also had a flat top ? Volkswagon he overturned one day smashing his fingers big time. He had to wear finger mittins. His mom drove a VW bug. When I dated Todd, my husband, back then at the end of high school, he and Aran could really relate because Todd had a '67 VW bug and is also a mechanical freak. They got along really well.

Later Aran got into the low rider trucks. (This was the early 80's) I remember going with him to Tahoe w/his truck club. He had a motorcycle too. He dated a friend of mine named Lisa for awhile. Aran and I used to call each other sister and brother. (I had a real life brother but he was useless!) When my first serious boyfriend in high school took away my virginity while we were drunk and in the back of car, Aran had something to say to him about it. I didn't often put him in a position to need to stand up for me but I knew he would in a heartbeat. That went for most of the guys I hung around with back then.

First off let me say that I've always been more comfortable around guys than girls. I always had girl friends, but I was more comfortable around guys. And guys were comfortable around me. It wasn't until I lived with 3 other girls in my 20's that I became more comfortable and understood them better. Shoot, I learned to understand myself better too in those 4 years.

Aran and I are back in contact thanks to Facebook. He wanted to get together with some of the old high school gang. This would include Terence (my 1st serious boyfriend), Aaron (very close friend who I work with now part-time and guy I dated on and off for years), Kirby (friend and backdoor neighbor growing up). There were others too but either I'm not in contact w/them or they don't live here anymore. Terence was on a plane coming home from Singapore so he couldn't make it but Aaron, Kirby, Aran and I sat caught up on Friday night. I'll post some pics of us from Aaron's cell phone.

I stole this picture from Aaron's facebook. This is him and his wife. Use binoculars if you must.

This is Kirby, aka Steve. He's single, never married, and lives with his parents! I asked Aaron the other night if he likes girls, cuz, you know. How would you know?! Apparently he lived w/a woman for many years and is now back at home w/his parents. He needs to get an apartment. FAST.

This is Aran, my bro. He has 4 sons, ages 17 - 8 years old.
And for you non-car folks, this is a 55 Chevy. Aran's was bondo'd out and all grey in color but the shape is same. Can you imagine how COOL it was to drive around in one?

We also bumped into another high school classmate on our way out of the restaurant. Danny was on a date. Sadly, many of our classmates are divorced now. It's like an epidemic these days.

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