Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Last Friday Shawna's teacher instituted a stamp reward system for Shawna. If she participates in class she'll get stamps w/happy faces on them. 3 in a day means she did it all day. Friday she came home with 3 stamps! I asked her what she wants as a reward after receiving 15 stamps. She wants ice cream in a cone. The cone being the big deal.

Saturday was our first soccer games of the spring season. We got rained out 2 Saturday's ago. One of the parents took some pictures of Shawna's game and already loaded them on an internet site. Paula played really well. My mom, Paula and I went to Jennifer, my sister-in-law's baby shower during Shawna's game but I'm told she did well too.

Several of my aunts & cousins were at the baby shower. Alan and Jennifer had a small wedding. In order to do that you can't invite the DeMartini clan. We're a minimum of 50 all the way up to over 70 just on our own. Only one of Alan's aunts was invited to his wedding and that's because she's his Godmother. So, what this means is that Jennifer's friends and family were meeting some of the DeMartini's for the first time. Frequent Questions: Are there many of you? Answer: Oh yes. This is just a small sampling. My mom and two of her sisters were there. The one missing now lives in Florida. She was at the wedding. My pregnant cousin Kerry was also there. She's due in June. One thing you can count on when you have a large family is that someone is usually pregnant or not far from being pregnant.

The baby shower cake was made by one of Alan and Jenn's friends. Her husband is an officer like Alan. The cake had a tiny patrol car in a decorated neighborhood w/a call sheet laying over one part that announced there was a missing infant weighing approximately 8 lbs, wearing her birthday suit. It went on to describe other baby-ish things like her eyes are blue. Everyone loved the cake. It also tasted fantastic! We played some fun games and Jennifer received so many great things she told Alan this baby will never be naked. LOL

We had to leave in time so I could get home by 5pm. Todd and I needed to go to our schools crab feed & auction. We arranged to sit at a table along with some of our favorite friends. There was 11 of us I think. I went to all the silent auction items and anything I liked I bid on. Mostly I was trying to up the bids so they'd go for a high price. At the end of the night I only won two things and paid a fortune! I decided to bid on a parking space. I know that might seem stupid to most of you, but if you know me, know how often I'm tardy or almost late we are on a daily basis you know I need it!

There are 2 parking spaces closest to the school that if you win them you get them starting today (Monday after crab feed) until the next crab feed/auction. Today I was so excited knowing I had a front spot. As I drove into my space it was heavenly. Paula commented how we still had 2 minutes and we were so close. Woo hoo! I also won a family fun pack to the Oakland Zoo.

Sunday I cleaned my house. Boring right? I decided my laundry room needed a spring cleaning. If you have one how often do you clean your laundry room? I never did and boy did it show. Todd lifted the dryer up so I could vacuum underneath. The floor underneath it was covered with 1/4 of a inch of dust and lint. We found missing socks, money and other things behind the machines. Inside the tube that goes to the outside had sand stuck in it, among more lint. I also dusted all the blinds in my house. Those things were nasty too. We leave our windows open most of the time which adds to the normal dust that forms on a regular basis.

It's such a nice feeling to have a clean house.

I'll leave you with some pics of Shawna in her first soccer game. She's wearing the pink headband.

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