Friday, March 13, 2009

Shawna's report card email

HI Mrs. Teacher,

I saw Shawna’s report card. Below are my comments.

1: Reading: She just doesn’t get it. Even simple sight words are tough for her. She also gets frustrated that she can’t figure it out so she gives up and doesn’t want to try. I tell her to use the “sound-abet” as guidance but even that isn’t working. The need for glasses probably put her behind. Maybe the tutoring will help. What is your take on this whole thing? Also, keep in mind that Todd, his dad, brother, niece and nephew are all dyslexic when it comes to letters. We’ve kept a close eye on Paula and she seems to be okay. It’s possible Shawna is affected.

2: Writing: We will work on this one.

3: Participation: I asked her today why she had a needs improvement in music for participation. She says she doesn’t like the songs. I told her she has to sing anyway. If you can give me other specifics I can speak to her on them. In general I did mention again she needs to participate in class.

4. Glasses: She is new w/the glasses and takes them off in obscure locations. I didn’t notice a couple times before school that they weren’t in her case and I couldn’t locate them. (after school they were found in her share bag and next to my pillow in my room) We do have a Face or Case rule. She’ll get better with them and so will we.

5: Homework: Generally Todd is very good about this one. Last week someone put their things in her backpack while in extended care. When sorting it out somehow her folder got put into that person’s backpack.

6: Listening: I tell her everyday on the way to school to be a good listener. Since age 2 she chatters non-stop.

I’m open to any ideas or guidance you want to share with me. I probably missed something important above. I’m going off memory of what the report said.


Dear Mrs. Shawna's Mom

Thank you for your message.

1. Reading: At the beginning of the year Shawna was able to name most letters and keep up with us. But as the year has progressed, her attention has lessened, and probably her frustration increased. Shawna tries to go to the bathroom a lot. This seems to be an avoidance tactic.
I will have Mrs. Resource Teacher take a further look at her next week. For the peer tutoring, she gave the 8th grader a very very hard time last week. This week she seemed to be doing better with a different 8th grader, for the first few minutes I was there. Miss Assistant Teacher will let me know in the morning.

2. Writing: Please keep working on writing her name neatly, spelling her last name, and getting the letters to sit on the line.

3. Participation: She has very little during Music class, and often does not want to participate in other subject areas too, story time, repeating rhymes, saying prayers, answering a question, ... This is probably the area to focus on. She can do and she can participate. You told me at the fall conference that she said everything was boring. Please ask her what part of school she does like, and let me know so that we can capitalize on that.

4. Glasses: If she could wear them all the time it would be very very helpful. It must be confusing to see clearly sometimes and not others. Students in her situation usually do much better if they wear their glasses consistently.

5. Homework is every Wed. due back Thurs. so help her to become accountable for it. After she does her homework, she should be the one who puts it in her folder and into her backpack. She can handle that responsibility.

6. Listening involves eyes and ears and active participation.
Tomorrow morning I will start a little stamp chart, where I will stamp each box for the morning, mid morning, and afternoon, for her participation in class. You may choose to do with this chart as you wish, setting a possible goal of 12 out of 15 for the week could earn a fun activity at home ?

Let me talk to Mrs. Resource Teacher next week and I will get back to you on her reading.

Thank you,
Mrs. Teacher

Hi Mrs. Teacher,
I really liked and appreciate your input.

This morning I asked Shawna what are her favorite activities in school? She immediately said being on the computer. Her next favorite was sharing. I probed more. She likes arts & craft's, she also likes the sound books that you read to them. Not the sound-a-bet (she was clear about that) but the sound books that each have their own letter. ???
That's as much as I got out of her.

Thanks for all your help. I think she'll like the stamps for participation.

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Mouse said...

Sounds like you are doing everything you can at this point! good luck!