Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is it a lizard?

I'm watching my neighbors house for a few days. They have 2 cats I'm in charge of right now. One cat, Stewart, is notorious for bringing home presents. The last time I watched their house he brought in a bird. It was dead by the time I saw it, but it lay in their inside entry way with feathers everywhere. Nice.

Last night I'm sitting on their couch watching something I Tivo'd (knowing I'd be there an hour to visit w/the cats). I see something moving along the wall over by the entry way. It was almost slithering. I'm thinking Snake? I see Stewart over there too so I go to investigate. It's a lizard. It wasn't a green lizard, it was more yellow in color and almost transparent which creeped me out. I'm used to green lizards. It was trying to make it's way behind the shelves so I grab it. Ick! It didn't look well. I noticed a puncture wound on it's right middle side with blood coming out. The cat is freaking out now. He wants me to drop his toy. I opened up the front door and tossed the lizard into the bushes and quickly shut the door so Stewart couldn't retrieve it. Stewart is meowing like crazy. After I washed my hands I called the girls because that's what I do when their pets leaves me presents. I got Dina's cell phone voice message system. They owe me.

Edited to add a photo I found online. He kind of looked like this gecko so as my commenter said, I think it was a gecko.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess it was a gecko. With all of the rain in No. Cal the are coming out in droves!

Sandra said...

I think you might be right.

Mouse said...

That is a gecko, we have them all over texas.