Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A quick list of my life lately

So what is going on in my life lately?

1. Rental dogs will finally be separated. The Pres of the rescue has decided that the poodle/bichon mix can go stay somewhere else. That will help me tremendously. The two rental dogs together are a team to be reckoned with. Rosie, my dog, plays with Rental dog rat terrier so we'll keep her. Only, she's the hyper one.

2. I have a Daisy meeting tonight for just the adults. Daisy's are Jr. Girl Scouts. I hope they have wine. I'm a leader on paper for the 1st grade troop. I was sort of horn-swaggled into agreeing to be a leader. I suck at that stuff. I didn't attend one meeting last year. But, if I wanted my youngest child to be a Daisy someone needed to be a leader of her troop. Thankfully the cadet troop is running the program so really, all I have to do is provide forms and crap. I can sort of do that.

3. 23 employees and myself all put in $1 for the Super Lotto Plus lottery here in CA so I got 24 quick picks today. It's up to $23M. I figured since it's 09/09/09 that maybe that brings a bit of luck. If we win the entire finance group (well, not all) will be missing tomorrow. Sweet! I hope it happens.

4. My car desperately needs the brake drums turned. They grind and the car shakes at stops. It's a Honda Odyssey and every 40K miles this happens. I already had this done once. My old boss had a Honda Pilot. They use the same chassis as the Odyssey and he had the same problem. The van now has 80k plus miles. I'm stalling.

5. Shawna went to the dentist yesterday and got a clean bill of teeth. Her lower center tooth is wiggly. Her first loose tooth!!! She can't wait for it to fall out. She even requested corn on the cob. Too funny.

6. I really need to pee right now so I'm going to end this post. Have a great one!


Twenty Four At Heart said...

Did you get a chance to pee yet? : )
I remember Daisys! You're making me feel old!

Sandra said...

Yep. I pee'd! My back teeth were floating.