Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today's date makes me want to do a blog post. 

A summary of things going on in my world. 

1.  We had a nice holiday vacation.  My company was shut down the week after Christmas so Todd, the girls and I went to my parents for a few days to visit, relax and visit the snow.  I prefer to "visit" the snow, not live in it.  I'm a California Girl after all.  I managed to read two and a half books while at my parents house. Reading is luxury I truly enjoy, but don't always do enough of it. 

2. We celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary this month.  This is the first time in 3 years we actually celebrated.  We went to dinner to a favorite fine dining Italian restaurant of ours.  For daycare that night, Todd arranged for the girls to spend the evening with the daycare provider from when they were born.  Both girls were 4 months old when they started going to Maureen, but Paula was in kindergarten when we stopped going and Shawna only 3.  My older daughter remembers Maureen much more than Shawna but both were soo happy to see her and vice versa. Daycare providers play such an important role in your child's early development.  I'm so thankful we found Maureen when we did.  Love her.

3.  I started the HCG diet everyone raves about this past weekend.   I'm hopeful I can follow through with this diet because I NEED to lose 20 pounds.  I WANT to be healthier, and I WANT to look HOT again. 

4.  I'm now planning my youngest daughter's 8th birthday.  She has requested an American Girl Doll which I've ordered already.  We're doing a bowling party for her per her request. I really need to get on booking that. The decor will be Selena Gomez.  haha

5. My older daughter has a California Mission model to build for her 4th grade project.  In addition, she needs to put together a scrapbook of the Mission all by January 28th.  My kitchen table has transformed into a crafts center.

6.  For several weeks now my youngest daughter (2nd grader) is partaking in a psyche evaluation to help finalize her dyslexia diagnosis.  Today is hopefully the last day of testing. I'm anxious to see the final results.  She has received tutoring for dyslexia last school year and this school year. She wrote her name in cursive for me last night.  Cursive is something she learns in tutoring because it's easier for dyslexics to read.  I'm sooo proud of her. 

7. We still have the rental dog (foster dog).  Yesterday he ate a phone.  He really did a number (pun intended) destroying the phone.  H'es a Chihuahua.

I'm starving right now. 

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