Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You're 8


My Dearest Shawna,

Today is your birthday and you’re 8 years old. We’ve been looking forward to this day for months and it’s finally here.

I am so blessed you are my daughter. My heart bursts with happiness and love when I’m around you. You are a treasure.

We enjoy snuggling on the couch together, giving each other lots of kisses. We play thumb wars and you win! We enjoy our cooking shows and plan meals we’ll make together. If you don’t grow up to be a “Foody” I’ll be totally surprised. You’re almost never afraid to try a new food plus you eat as much as one grown man.

You’re also my mini-me. People often tell us we look alike. As a child I was a chatterbox just like you. I made friends with everyone, adults and children, no matter where I was. You are the same.

People tell me all the time how sweet and cute you are. Teachers and other mom’s at school love your hugs, they love receiving your compliments on their perfume, clothes or hair. You notice and comment on details other children your age don’t think about mentioning.

You enjoy coloring and doing art projects using Bendaroos, crayons and markers. Scissors are also fun. Our refrigerator, your bedroom, my bedroom and many other places around the house are often adorned with your lovely artwork.

Bling and accessorizing is YOUR thing. Your wrists normally sport no less than 5 bracelets or Funny Bands at any given time. You like fake tattoo’s, nail polish, fancy scarves, shorts & summer dresses in the winter, and fancy shoes. Thankfully you’ll wear boots but socks aren’t your thing.

Neatness is also not your thing. I joke how I know where you’ve been by what’s on the floor. However, this week in anticipation of your birthday party at our house, where you told me our house has to be REALLY clean, you’ve been especially good about keeping your room tidy and neat and I love you for that. I love how you want to make a good impression for your friends.

For your 8th birthday you get an American Girl doll. First you looked in the catalogue we had at the house, than we looked online together. You have blond hair and green eyes. The only green eyed AG doll has bangs. You do not like bangs and made sure that I knew you do not want a doll with bangs. This does not surprise me since you may remember how when you were 3.5 years old you decided you no longer wanted bangs so you removed them completely with a pair of scissors, much to your father’s dismay, who found you that way. So your AG doll will be blond with blue eyes and layered hair, no bangs, per your choice.

I’m the luckiest Mommy in the world to have my Shawna girl. Thank you so much for being my daughter.

Love, Mom


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Laura said...

I can't believe this slipped by the board. Congratulations Mom and Happy Birthday Shawna. Tab will be 8 soon too. Its hard to believe!!!