Monday, January 17, 2011

Staying positive

My HCG diet (I flip between caps and lower case on that...I know it. Go with it) is going okay. I didn't do awesome this weekend, but I didn't totally fail either. Failing to me is gaining it all back. 

Friday, as I mentioned in my previous post, we had the Harlem Globetrotters game to attend (which was totally fun btw!).  Check this one out of Shawna holding the girls' new Official Harlem Globetrotters basketball. 

For Friday dinner I had asked Todd to bring me a piece of chicken I could eat in the car on the way to the event.  The store didn't have any pre-cooked whole chickens that looked any good to him so he just bought chicken tenders which are breaded. Normally, breaded chicken would be fine, but not on this diet.  But, I thought I could remove the breading.  Not so much.  It just wouldn't come OFF without taking all the meat with it, so rather than starve, I ate the entire thing, breading and all. 

So, let's recap Friday:
Day 5 - 147.2

AM: Coffee with 2 TBS milk, Stevia
Lunch: Chicken, green salad, cucumber, apple, 1 Melba toast
Dinner: Chicken tenders (breaded), cucumber.  That's it!  I didn't do the Melba toast since the meat was breaded.  I didn't do the fruit because the meat was breaded. 

As always I take the liquid 3X a day, then before bed I take my vitamin B12, a multi-vitamin and 2 calcium pills. I also drink water during the day.  Perhaps not a half gallon or gallon like the diet recommends, but I'm regularly visiting the bathroom to pee, so THERE.
Day 6: - 146.4 
Weight loss!!!!  Woo hoo.  But, this is a Saturday now we're on and traditionally on diets I have problems holding to the routine on weekends.  When I did WW in 2005 I regularly fell off the wagon on weekends, but kicked butt on weekdays.  Every morning I'd have high hopes that I could stick to it, but sadly, I'd give in to some craving. This Saturday would be no different. This day was emotionally very hard for me.  I was an idiot and left too late to watch my daughter perform a cheer leading dance routine in a huge competition.  My husband was there with her, but my other daughter and I left the house too late (totally MY fault) so we missed it.  I was soooo upset with myself I was on the verge of tears for hours.  Still, during the rest of the competition I ate what I'd brought.  It was when I got home that I failed. 
AM: No coffee.  Nothing. 
Lunch: Chicken pieces, cucumber, 1 Melba toast, 2 cuties
Dinner: Chicken breast, cucumber, 1 Melba toast, apple
Snacks (here is the problem:) Lots of wine, 2 string cheese, WW ice cream bar (1 point bars if you're on the WW plan)

Day 7 - 147.4 
I gained a full pound!*!$% Todd said it was water weight but I was kinda (A LOT) upset with myself.  Had I stayed the same weight I would have been okay, but to gain a full pound sucked.  Also, I slept like crap that night and was awake from 1am to 5am stressing and remembering how lame I was to miss my daughter's routine AND over eat the day before.  I knew I'd still have a problem not cheating but I would try to limit my over indulging from the previous day. 
AM:  Coffee, 2 TBS milk, Stevia. 
Lunch:  Chicken breast, cucumber, 1 cutie, 1 Melba toast
Dinner:  Hamburger patty, tomato, 1 Melba toast, apple, less wine, WW ice cream bar

Day 8 - 146.4
Phew!    Lost that weight again.  Go me. 
AM: Coffee, 2 TBS milk, Stevia.
Lunch: Green salad (mixed spinach w/spring lettuce) with chicken, a few cucumber slices and rice wine vinegar and an apple.
Dinner:  Chicken, asparagus, 1 Melba toast, wine and WW ice cream bar. 

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