Friday, March 18, 2011

Bullet Points for March

I don't have time, or more to the point, the energy or determination to do a written blog post so I'm going to cheat and just do bullet points. I think I'm tricking myself into thinking bullet points are easier and faster but we'll see. Also, I'm telling you now that I'm grumpy and annoyed.  You've been warned. 

My life lately. 

1.  Last week in the AM while taking the girls to school a pregnant lady walked across the street in the sidewalk.  You know how when someone is halfway across you start to move forward because they'll eventually be on the other side of the street? As I move towards the crosswalk the freaky lady sees her carpool person down the street, waves at him and changes direction. Right in front of me and didn't even blink an eye my way.  I could have run her over!  Stupid lady.  I gave her a hand movement, not flipping her off since my kids are in the car) and a "what the hell are you doing crazy lady" at her stupidly at endangering her unborn child. To which she tells me to Fuck Off I'm in the cross walk.
You don't change direction in the crosswalk mid-street and not look at whose coming towards you!!!!!! 
My kids told my husband at school pick up that I yelled at a pregnant lady today. 

2.  Last week I was told my job is ending. Yep.  Coming on board is a new fancy system that will eliminate my need to police the sales team on what they enter into their promotions.  I have a job until the end of Q2 (end of June).  I've been here 11 years.  I need to look inside the company and outside the company.  I have lots of thoughts about this predicament but need to do a whole post on them later.

3.  Last week I witnessed a teacher, of our CATHOLIC school tell her middle school grade class, while inside the church, to sit down and shut up.  I saw her bark at these children 2 more times.   I wrote an email to our priest who is in charge of the school, the principal (who has been away attending funerals) and the VP of the upper grades.  This mean teacher is new to the school this year.  Also, apparently she cohabitates with the computer teacher and they're not married so some parents (not me) are upset at that fact.  The priest replied back to me that he'll look into her behavior. I don't have a middle schooler but someday I will.  I'll drop kick this lady if she talks to my child this way. 

4.  2 weeks ago I sat with other parents and faculty in a suicide prevention training of sorts at our school. One of the Alumni parents of our school had her 22 year old shoot himself and take his life several months ago. Her sister is a current parent.  The sister is bringing awareness to us to help save a child's life.  Did you know that kids ages 10-14, boys and girls, try to kill themselves more than any other age bracket? Also, the boys succeed more.  Why? Because girls are afraid to ruin their looks so they usually take pills which can then be pumped out of their stomach, but boys do more permanent attempts like guns, car wrecks and hanging.  We have a slew of teens, mostly boys, from an affluent neighborhood committing suicide by way of a train.  So sad. 

5.  Did I mention I'm losing my job? 

6.  I'm gaining my weight back. Stress eating. 

7.  It's pouring rain here in the Bay Area.  While it's cold and rainy here the east coast is having spring like days.  I'm annoyed.  I pay a crap load of money for my nice weather.  I want my good weather back east coast people.  You've enjoyed your fun in the sun, now move along and give me back my warm days. 

8.  I don't really know what I want to do with my life.  I know that sounds silly from a 40 year old but it's true.  I'm arranging to meet with a counselor free of charge provided by a program at my work and to take a career/personality test to find out what I'd be good at.  I took one a bazillion years ago in jr. college and it said I should join the military or be a police officer. It said some other things too, but I ended up majoring in Business Management.  At the time I took the test I was a supervisor and thought I liked being in charge of people. Heh.  Not so much. Turns out I like being an individual contributor. I don't want to worry about anyone else but me. I have enough on my plate being a mom, wife and woman of the world. 

9.  For St. Patrick's day I don't do corned beef. I've tried to like it.  Many times I've tried to like it. But, it's too fatty tasting for me.  Instead we had chicken, I made green mashed potatoes and we had broccoli cuz it's green and the girls love it.  I'm Irish. My maternal grandmother was 100% Irish. She married my 100% Italian grandfather.  My other grandparents were English. 

10.  There will likely be an entire post on this later, but last Saturday I attended a crab feed/auction at school.  There was a really clueless parent(s) who brought their daughter and made her sit in a corner because they were volunteering and she didn't have a ticket. She's in my oldest child's class. Another parent with us felt bad and said to her if she got hungry to come to our table. Well, she followed him and sat with us the entire night.  I'm sad for the girl and annoyed at her parents.  Get a babysitter like everyone else. 

11.  Tuesday I went to the Academy of Science Museum in San Francisco for my older daughter's class. There is some really COOL stuff in there.  If you look closely below you'll see a red/blue frog. He lives in the rain forest section of the museum.  It was hot and humid in the rain forest. He was soooooo tiny. And red and blue.  OMG  Lots of neat stuff in there just like this one.  If you live here or visit the Bay Area you NEED to visit this museum.  I'd been there almost 20 years ago but it was all redone a few years ago. 

That's all for now.  I'm going home to Glee Out and watch some of Season 1 with my husband and daughter's.  I hope next week perks up. Feel free to send me 'find the perfect job' vibes if your so inclined. 

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