Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Double Digits

Dear Paula,

Today is your 10th birthday.  DOUBLE DIGITS. 

I can't believe you're already half of twenty.  How did the time get here so quickly? 

You are the child who made me a mom.  You love when I mention that fact to you because no one else can take that claim.  Your father and I were beyond excited when we found out we were finally pregnant.  But, in true Paula fashion, you didn't want to wait to start your new exciting adventure so you arrived 6 weeks early.  You love telling the story of how you were a preemie, came 6 weeks early and rode in an ambulance to another hospital because of the special breathing tube you needed.  You're one of the tallest, smartest children in your class.  No one would ever guess your rocky beginning. 

For your birthday this year we updated your room.  Out with the Princesses, in with the PEACE.  I love how much you love your new room.  It suits you.  We also through you a slumber party with 5 of your favorite friends.  We're all still yawning but brought in the year of 10 with a bang, as it should be. 

There are so many things I love about you.  Here are just ten (ten, get it) of them. 

1.  You show concern for others, give compliments to people you know and don't know, causing them smile and feel good. 

2.  You are rarely shy or afraid to speak up.  Those are wonderful qualities to have, especially as you get older.

3.  You love animals of many types. In addition to the furry ones, you also have a fascination for reptiles and aren't afraid to hold snakes or lizards we find in the outdoors.  You're just like your father when it comes to your love of animals.  But please, don't love spiders. I hate spiders.

4.  You have a fabulous memory.  I love that you remember events and places from as far back as preschool.  You remember facts and specifics that blow my mind.  I'm envious of your memory, especially as mine disappears. 

5.  You're very ticklish so I love kissing you goodnight, digging right into your neck where you giggle hysterically. 

6.  I love that your back in your room at night so I actually CAN lean into you as you lie in bed and kiss you goodnight again.  Every night, after your asleep, I come in to give you one last kiss. 

7.  You have the best laugh, making me smile when I hear it. 

8.  I love how close you are to Daddy.  You and he have a special bond together.   You're his right hand girl.  You look like him too. 

9.    I love when you and your sister work together to accomplish something, when you look out for her, help her.  She loves you so much. It's a big responsibility being a big sister, one you don't always enjoy, but you're a good big sister with so much to offer. 

10.  You're beautiful. Inside and out.

My baby is Ten.

I'm so proud of you.  I love you more than words can say.  I know I tell you to stop growing. I know you can't stop growing.  As much as I want to keep you young, I'm very privileged to witness you growing up.  I wonder who you'll be someday, what your future holds for you.  What I do know is, I'm so lucky to have you as my daughter. 

I Love you,


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