Friday, June 27, 2008

Not Funny or Witty

In general, I would not call myself funny or witty. I'm silly, definitely silly. I WISH I was funnier and witty. There are some people I meet who bring out what little funniness I have. I love when that happens. It's usually because they're more serious. That "opposites attract" thing.
My husband tries to be overly funny. It actually annoys me. Around him I'm more quiet because you just can't compete with someone who needs to be the center of attention. He'll tell me I'm too serious, I never smile. Yeah dude, when I'm around you! At work I'm always smiling and joking around. My friends think I'm fun to be with. I'm very friendly at work and when I'm out in public. I go out of my way to help people. But at home not so much.

I like to frequent blogs of women (I don't find men's blogs to interest me. Isn't that odd? I wonder why) who I find Witty and interesting. They would find me totally boring. I mostly just blog about my days which in truth are boring. Let's be real. I go to work where I spend most of my awake hours, go home, sit on the couch, drink wine and go to bed. yawn. Even I'm bored with myself. I don't hang around people who have a lot of drama because I don't like those people. I've made a conscience effort to remove negative people from my world. It's one thing to have situations that arise where their might be temporary drama or issues, but that should be rare. If your the type of person who always complains about your job, your husband, your life, then you need to get a life and fix those issues. I'm not interested in hearing about it day in and day out.

I don't over think the world. I'm not into politics. I have thoughts about how think things should be, but I don't let those thoughts stress me out or take over my life. I sort of live in my little bubble. I use the Internet to stay on top of local issues and do branch out into some Int'l issues, but rarely. I was one of those people who could have never imagined the terrorist attack on 911. Terrorist's were not a threat to the US. At least that's how I felt then. Now I know better.

I'm overly panicked by my kids being kidnapped. I rarely let them in the front yard without supervision. Meaning I'm there or Todd is there. I don't even trust their safe in our garage if we're not outside. Sad but true. When we lived in a cul-de-sac I was less noided because there is only one way to escape and you could view the entire street. Now we live on the top of a loop where the streets are narrow, a million cars are parked on the sidewalks and they could be tossed into a van in a second and take off and I'd never even see it. In that sense I hate this world in respect to dangers are kids are in, and how it's evolved but I won't get an ulcer over it. I just handle the situation in the best way I know how and that's to keep my kids close.

So, I apologize to my readers (the few of you there are) that my life is not that interesting. I'll try to spice my posts up a bit.


Kate said...

I like your blog. I like to catch up with your life. You may not think you are witty or funny, but I enjoy reading, so it must be good. LOL Either that or my life is the epitomy of boring. Don't tell me if it is, I like living in denial. LOL

That's interesting about the kids playing. I thought I was the only one like that. It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one. My reasons are different...we live out in the country, if someone drove up, enticed the kids over for a question, and grabbed them, I would not be close enough to stop them if I were in the house. I know it sounds totally unlikely to happen, but I'd rather be safe. I know there will come an age when I feel better about it, but not yet.

Sandra said...

Now see, if I lived where you live I think I'd be more likely to let them be alone out front. Not much traffic where you are.