Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sinus infection from hell

I haven't posted in awhile because I've been in a lot of pain after my titanium implant surgery.

I had surgery on Tuesday, May 27th. I had the normal discomfort associated w/that type of surgery. He raised my sinus on my rear molar and added bone. By Saturday I started having pain that wasn't there before. By Tuesday I had a 100.5 fever and saw my periodontist who did the surgery. He did an Xray and it all looked fine but he was worried I was getting an infection. Keep in mind that from the hour before surgery and 7 days after I was on a low dosage antibiotic to prevent infection.

He put me on Kevlar. That night was up there w/the few in my life that I'd rather die than go thru that pain. My entire left side of my face was so painful. Not even the vicodin he gave me helped. The next morning, Wednesday the 4th I called him to ask if I could take two of the Rx instead of 1. He said yes. He would check on me again later. I slept all day. That night he called after talking to some of his ENT colleagues and changed my meds to Biaxin. Todd went to get that. I was off work from Tuesday to Thursday. I did go in Friday afternoon but w/out Advil or tylenol every few hours the pain was too bad. The nights were better than that one Tuesday night but still I'd have pain, even being woken up from it. I'd also have bad mornings until 10am or so when the pain would finally subside. Friday and Saturday were no better. In fact, Saturday I talked to one of the parents on Paula's softball team who is an RN Nurse among other things a director for San Francisco Medical. She said the antibiotics should have provided relief by now and that most antibiotics kill 80 percent of the bacterias out there, but there are some that kill 100% and I should request that. I called Dr. Lim and told him more of what was happening. He said to double up on the Biaxin and to give it a full 72 hours. Which now that I look at it, it had been 72 hours. Also, doubling up the Biaxin was nasty. OMG I oozed the Rx taste in my mouth. Ick.

On Sunday, today, after another night of being woken up from pain and my morning with major headache, clearly my sinus infection hadn't eased up much after being on 3 different antibiotics in 2 weeks so I went to the ER this afternoon once Todd got home from work. I should also mention that I've been blowing out green stuff that smells, for a week. Nasty. They did a cat scan and discovered that I have puss from above my left eye to the bottom of my face thru out my entire sinus. Basically, my entire left sinus' are filled with puss. ER dr said this would have been coming on for a couple months for it to be that full. I never felt or noticed a thing. The sinus lift from the implant surgery set it off. I'm still not sure how that could have been storing in my sinus for so long and me not know. When I see the ENT I'm gonna get his view.

I'm on 2 new antibiotics. 875MG of Amox-Clav and 750MG of Levaquin. That's a lot of drugs. I also received more hydrocodone. I called my periodontist who did the implants telling him the newest diagnosis. He was going to call the ER to ask what the CT scan showed as far as the implants failing. That's a major concern too obviously. If this can't be cleared up by the antibiotics then they'll have to go in and drain my sinus'. Let's hope it doesn't go to that. I have to make an appt w/an ENT tomorrow. I'm also supposed to stay off work for 3 days. I'll probably have bad diarrhea w/all the meds and one of them makes me a bit lightheaded I noticed but it didn't last long. Geez, who knew dental implants would cause all this?! I'm just glad to be truly diagnosed and that my brain is no longer at risk which could have easily happened since your sinus' lead right up into your brain and a sinus infection reaching your brain usually ends with death. (thanks to the internet I had that knowledge to scare the crap out of me) I even asked him if that was still something I should worry about and he agreed that it could have gone up into my brain but that w/the antibiotics I'm on and how they're closely monitoring it I won't have that problem. Let's pray! Oh, and I'm not going on my work trip to PA obviously. I'm bummed about that but I cancelled all my arrangements this morning after the headache wore off. I knew I couldn't risk it w/my not healing. Now I know for sure I couldn't have gone. The pressure in the plane would have been awful. That was my exciting day. Hope your Sunday was better!

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