Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Iz a hawt



In other news, I'm the coolest mom ever.  Really I am. 

Yesterday on Craigslist I typed in PB teen and found a lounge chair in ice blue for sale.  Originally $299 the lady said make an offer.  I immediately responded would she take $100?  YES!  PB anything, even used or with someone else's name personalized on it, sells for a lot of money. Yes honey, I know your name is Paula and the thingamajig says Amanda, but just go with it.  Mommy saved $20.00

This is the chair. Cute right?!!!  This matches Paula's new lamp perfectly. 
So at lunch today I headed over there. She lives in one of the "rich" areas of Silicon Valley called Almaden Valley.   Beautiful neighborhoods, gorgeous large homes, amazing views.  Houses EASILY go for over $1 million. Sucks to be me. 

She had the chair in her front entry way.  I thought the chair came apart and figured I'd just toss the cushions in various parts of my minivan. Well, it does come apart, but not easily.  She said only her husband has dismantled it so she couldn't help me with how to get them separated.

I get that.  My husband is the one who dismantles things at our house too. 

So I had to go back to my minivan and hide my 3rd seat so the chair would fit in the back. In order to even get the 3rd seat down I had to remove a ton of other crap so it will fit.  Live.In.Car. 

When I went back to the house to collect the chair she was still just in her socks so I could tell she wasn't going to help me lift this sucker. She did suggest the best way to carry it though.  It was heavy but I managed.

As I was driving back to work my brother called. He sponsored my 8 year on her school spell-a-thon and thought he and his daughter would swing by my work to drop off his check.  Turns out I was only 15 minutes from his house so I said I'd swing by. 

Driving to my brothers house off the freeway I was on you have to pass thru Saratoga.  Another "rich" neighborhood of Silicon Valley.  Beautiful neighborhoods, gorgeous large homes, amazing views. Houses EASILY go for over $1 million. Sucks to be me.  Again. 

Get to Alan's house and am accosted by the dog.  Try to avoid annoying dog and get to my cute little 23 month old niece.  I scooped her up and planted lots and lots of kisses on those soft, puffy cheeks. Soon after, Alan told her to show me her new balloon. She wrapped her little fingers around the red string and brought me her Valentine heart balloon. I asked "what shape is this balloon Allison?"  Her reply "iz a hawt".  LOVE!!!! 

I really do need to get back to work so upon leaving Alan tells Allison to give Auntie a kiss goodbye. She walks over to me and turns her head so I can lean down and give her a kiss on her cheek.  hahaha

We blew each other kisses and I was off. 

Great Day. Great Day!!!!

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