Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy weekend

This past weekend I was SO productive!  I'm very proud of myself.  I'm by nature very lazy.  I have my energetic moments like everyone else, but as a rule I like to relax on weekends. Okay, everyday. 

Saturday I kicked ass on my neglected backyard. The tomato plant was out of control. It's got branches (or are they limbs?) everywhere, taking over my pathway. I trimmed some away, mostly the ones cascading over the lawn which the Rental Dog dog was peeing on. 

I picked up dog doodoo, mowed the lawn, cut away dead rose buds, had spiders land down my shirt.  Oh yes I did.  I pulled out a dead rose bush, and just overall ROCKED.

Sunday I picked apples off our apple tree and made apple crumble with my girls. It was delicious. My neighbor told me my apples are Golden Delicious. I gave her a bag of them which is how she knew.  The tree came with the house and sits on a very HIGH part of our yard on top of our retaining wall. See it below?  You can actually access the apples easier via the sidewalk on the side of our house.

And to top off my fabulous weekend, I rode my bike part way to work today.  Go me!

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