Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laughing NOW

This morning on the way to school I was telling my daughters a true story that happened when Paula, my oldest now 9 years old, was an infant.  It was mortifying at the time and scary as hell, but thankfully we can laugh about it now.

Paula was 2.5 months old. She didn't crawl or roll over yet. She was a preemie born at 34 weeks so we'd already had our share of surprises and scares up until this point. I really didn't need anymore excitement where she was concerned.  She would show to be behind in most milestones until she hit about 2 years old.  She's very bright and one of the tallest in her class.  You'd never know today she was a preemie. 

But, I did something awful that I'm ashamed and embarrassed about.  Here it is. 

Paula and I were home alone together.  It was time to feed her.  Due to her awful acid reflux (common in preemies) she was on a special formula (Enfamil AR) which was thicker than others so I needed to go make her bottle.  She also took Reglan to speed up her digestive system and Zantax for the reflux.  I laid her on the couch kitty corner, like diagonally. 

I'm in the kitchen mixing her formula and medicine when I hear a THUD.  I paused.  What was that noise?  A couple seconds later I hear her crying.  Was that her hitting the floor?!  I run into the room and yes, my sweet baby girl was lying on the floor. She'd fallen off the couch!!!  What a horrible mother I am!!!  I can't believe I let this happen.  What if she has brain damage!  What if I've ruined our child!  So many things went thru my mind at that moment.  She calmed down eventually. I checked her over. On the outside everything looked fine.  I needed to get her checked out but I didn't want to call the pedi and say I just let my 2 mos old fall off the couch.  I can't be THAT mother. 

She'd apparently wiggled herself to the end of the couch where her lower half became heavier from hanging off the end of the couch making her body fall off. 

Paula had a rash on her face. I decided I'd use that as my excuse to bring her in. Then while she's being looked at I can casually mention the fall incident.  Yeah, cause it's a casual occurrence.  Just shoot me now. 

We get into the doctors office and one of the many pedi's is examining her skin. I really don't want to tell him, but I have to. 
Yeah, so doc, um.....this morning she kind of fell off the couch. 
You know the look he gave me right?  Can I just climb into a hole? 
That must have hurt. How far was the fall?  2 feet?
Yeah, probably.  I'm cringing. 
He checks her body and determines she's fine.  THANK GOD!

I leave hoping I never ever ever get him as her doctor again.  There are 6 doctors. Surely there is a chance I'll never have to see him again. 

I call my husband and tell him what happened.  You what he says?  "I'm glad it was you and not me." 

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Kate said...

It's a story to chuckle about in retrospect, since nothing happened, but I hear ya on how you feel at the time it happens.

We had a nurse once tell us how her daughter once fell off the counter into the garbage can. She was right there, and I can't remember what the exact circumstances were, but all I could think when she told me the story was, "and you are holding my baby!". LOL It really was a funny story though, and the baby was just fine.