Thursday, December 27, 2007

Animals and Such

Today was my first day back in the office. I worked from home yesterday but had a really sore neck. Thankfully today I felt much better.
Although there is a chic in my department who sneezes constantly. For some reason I'm really bugged by it. It's like, lady! Take something already! Today is even worse than normal. That and she sings along with her MP3 player while it's in her ear. (where is the roll eyes smilie when you need it?)
Anyhoo, onto other topics. So, my friend was going to watch Rosie while we went camping this time. Normally we'd bring her but it will be wet and muddy and no place for a long haired dog. But at the last minute her dh says they are staying the night at his sisters. Thankfully my mom has come to the rescue again and is taking Rosie home with her tomorrow. Todd worries my dad will want to keep her. Fat chance, but my dad does love Rosie Smosie.

This was her yesterday.

On a separate animal topic, or at least a reptile one for sure. We have The No Name Snake who lives in our shoe/computer/shipping/receiving room off our kitchen. Snake pooped on me the other day so I'm not too happy with Snake. It is a gopher snake Todd found in our backyard. I just love living in Wild Kingdome.

Here is Snake

Shawna and Paula played a ton yesterday and at this moment when I was learning how to program my new camera, Shawna came in for a potty break.

Here is my warm and snuggly Shawna Lynn.

Tomorrow we leave for Santa Cruz. It's supposed to rain tomorrow thru Sunday. We come home Monday. Oh Joy.

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