Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missing Turkey

This year I decided to be organically conscience and purchase an organic free range turkey for Xmas Eve. It comes from New York over night and should have been here yesterday. Where is it you ask? I DON'T KNOW.
According to Fed Ex on line my turkey was only 20 minutes from my house in Oakland. It arrived there at 9:48am and had an expected delivery time of 10:30am yesterday. I called Fed Ex yesterday and talked to an A-Hole who said his name was Raymond Podus. He told me due to bad weather conditions my package might not arrive until Monday. WTF?! It's sunny and beautiful here...there s/b no delays. I ask for a refund on my priority overnight shipment that did not arrive on time, he said he couldn't do that because it was weather that caused the delay. omg. Helpme. Now I realize that Memphis TN could have had bad weather which is where the turkey arrived from, but since my turkey was in Oakland before 10am yesterday I have a very hard time understanding why it's not at my house even by 7pm. I ask to speak to a manager and he says there are none. I'm really pissed now. He says he'll hang up on my if I continue with my attitude. I said something else and he hung up on me. haha
I called back. Got a nice gal. First we tried to find Raymond so I could get his ass fired but he most likely lied about his last name because no matter how we spelled it she couldn't find him. Secondly she confirmed that they'd been told the reason for late packages was due to the volume they had and that my package s/b delivered on Saturday. She confirmed managers were gone until today. How weird is that? How can you have a customer service center w/no managers on duty? I'm pissed at that one. Also, she gave me the number to call on Monday to request my refund. 800-622-1147
My bird better arrive today. It's packed in some special stuff to stay cold, but I don't think it can go more than 3 days w/out being refrigerated.
Spirits out there....please find my turkey and bring it home!

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