Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hangin' with the cows

Saturday afternoon Todd took Paula to cheerleading and I hung out with Shawna. I decided to bake some brownies that were expiring in my cupboards. I had 2 boxes so I poured them in a bowl. We did the oil, water and OOPS! We only had 2 eggs but I needed 4. Now I was committed since I'd already dumped the wet ingrediants. I called down to Dina and Susanne's house and thankfully they had some to spare. Shawna and I walked the 3 houses down. Susanne's neice is staying with her and she just had a baby on Monday. So cute!!! We stayed awhile, then headed back up to the house to do the brownies. I needed to have them ready to bring a few back over to them...Susanne insisted! That night Dina, Susanne and I were volunteering at the Family Giving Tree and I was driving us there since I knew where it was. I am a huge supporter of theirs thru my company. I've never volunteered there though.
When we got to the FGT they had us go off a list to verify if the childrens gifts were in fact delivered. Sadly, many weren't. In fact, the FGT is down 20% or 15,000 gifts this year. Last year they supplied 68,000 low income children with presents. This year they cannot do that.

After we got home we hung out at my house watching Evan The Almighty with Todd. So funny!!! Then on Sunday Dina, Susanne, her sister Adriane and I hiked up behind my house. I live in a canyon but have never hiked the hills. Until November it was technically illegal. We hiked a couple hours and walked amongst the cows until we came upon a bull who was in a corner drinking. We had to pass him in order to move on or head back. He didn't look like he wanted to move or have us go by sooo we turned around quickly!~ I called Todd when we were behind the house. He went to our top balcony and took our picture. I'm the 2nd one on the right.

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Anonymous said...

Why was it illegal until November?

That's sad about the gifts.

Great picture! Looks like a good workout.

I think I like your blog over here better. Though, unless you want the world to know you have this blog, I might take your full name off of it, since Blogger is owned by Google I think. I'm just saying, you don't have to though. ;)