Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We survived Christmas

Every year I feel like getting thru Christmas is something I have to survive. What with working full-time, buying presents, wrapping the presents, decorating and all the family activities, chaos emerges.
This year was no exception. Todd always takes care of the men's presents and I handle the women in the family. We like to have everyone over on Xmas Eve so we're not driving to Redwood City twice in 12 hours. My turkey arrived on Friday and was delicious. It was HUGE and fed the 21 people we had over, plus fed 7 of us again on Christmas night with my brother and his wife. Paula doesn't eat turkey but Shawna liked it. I got to use my Spode Christmas China tons this year which I love. My mom gave me a new piece that I'll get to use next year.
The girls made out like bandits this year. Shawna got Butterscotch Pony (it's 3 feet tall!) and Paula got a new bike. They each also received tons of games, toys, clothes and have to share a doll house from Grandma.
Todd got me a necklace, carpet steam cleaner and a toilet seat. LOL I got him pillows. He's been complaining we need more pillows so there you go. He was thrilled. He also opened the mini camera we bought ourselves to use instead of the huge one he normally uses.
Yesterday my neck was really stiff and through out the day got worse. By evening time I had Jennifer, my SIL, doing her chiropractic work on me but it didn't improve. I'd fallen asleep on the couch and by midnight when I woke up it hurt soo bad I was literally crying. I took codeine to sleep. This morning was no better. In fact, I can't drive the way it is. It's kind of like whip lash. I have to keep heating it and use a massager on it. I hope it improves soon because it's killing me. Also, we leave Friday for Santa Cruz to go camping.
Todd hasn't uploaded pics yet but when he does I'll post a few.

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