Friday, December 21, 2007

Our 2007 Holiday Letter

Happy Holidays Everyone! We’ve certainly had a blessed year in 2007.

The big news is we added a new “baby” to the family. Yep, with two kids, we just had too much free time, spare money and clean carpets. Her name is Rosie and she’s a Lhasa-Poo. We all love her very much, even Todd who tried to give her away to Sandra’s brother when his dog died. She’s almost as adorable as Shawna, our almost 5 year-old potential genius, who can fart on command. Shawna spent much of this year making school projects and drawings in preschool, all of which HAD to be attached to the fridge to show their true glory. Shawna really loves preschool. Once when Todd picked her up, one of the kids said to her “Hey, your dad’s here”. Shawna replied “That sucks”. Shawna is also excelling in activities such as “squeeze the dog”, “pull the dog” and “chase the dog”.

Shawna’s older sister, 6.5 year-old Paula, is a deep thinker. She’ll tell you how the world works and how it relates to her getting her own way. She excels in school. She’s received on the upwards of 10 bad behavior notes from 1st grade. She also practices important things. Once she was standing alone in front of her mirror yelling “TYLER, TYLER, TYLER” to see what she looked like in her cute outfit yelling her girlfriends name.

Paula loves art, too. She often draws pictures loaded with inspiration and details. She can be adventurous too. At Disneyland this year she swore she would ride the Matterhorn and she did…twice, but she still fears the unpredictable dangers to getting her teeth cleaned.

Both girls love the travel trailer we purchased this summer. We’d been borrowing the
In-laws motor home fairly frequently and decided it was time to clean our own mess. We also thought it would be more fun during long trips with potty emergencies to stop in heavy traffic on narrow roads, rush out of the truck, unlock and climb into the trailer in just the nick of time, or not. Once Todd heard Shawna say to a friend “our trailer is cool but there is nowhere to drive from” Dad “you mean there is no steering wheel?” Shawna “Yeah”, The truck we had surprisingly wasn’t strong enough to pull the trailer so we sold it and picked up a used Diesel truck. Todd was thrilled to hear Paula say “Wow dad, I love your new truck, it looks just like all the rest.”

Well, that about wraps it up. A pretty quiet year, really, except for that Trailer Trash Party we had for Todd turning 40. The real outhouse & clothes line out front, mullets, Spam carving and loud music made the neighbors a tad bit nervous.

Todd, Sandra, Paula & Shawna

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That was hilarious! Great letter.