Friday, December 14, 2007

Busy week

Every week seems busy this month but this week especially.

Monday must have been mellow because I have nothing on my calendar for that day.

Tuesday I had my ortho appt and got my bottom braces off. Yay! They will take the tops off once I get my implants done. I have 2 teeth on top that need to be done in January hopefuly. I need to call and make the appts. That night Paula had her school Christmas program where she got to be an angel. So cute.

Wednesday I managed to get tickets for the Niles Canyon Train of Lights. They sell out fast in October and I missed the date of when they went on sale. A teacher from the deaf school near me had extras and was selling them on craigslist so I lucked out. It was fun because many kids from the school were on the train all signing to each other. I really wish I'd learned sign language. I had a total fascination for it as a child. My mom even thought I'd do that as my career.

Thursday my department went on a team building lunch where we played bocci ball (Italian game) then ate a huge yummy lunch. I'd never played before so it was fun. I really recommend it for a fun night out or something.

This morning after dropping the girls at school I came to work and stood in the freezing cold near the work van where I collected the Family Giving Tree gifts for our holiday drive. We did really well this year. Plus lots of people donated money which helps a lot too.

Tonight is Shawna's Christmas program at 6pm. She sings "Little Drummer Boy" and gets to hit her homemade drum made out of a chalk tub all decorated. I need to leave early to make it there to get a seat.

Busy busy.

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