Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Family Meetings

Yesterday I went to Walgreens to get an Rx filled and the lines for drop off and pick up of prescriptions were crazy long. So many people are sick right now. Thankfully Paula felt way better last night. She gave a thumbs up for her day.

On the flip side Shawna got a bad behavior note (Say it isn't so!!!!!) from preschool yesterday. She was verbally mean to one child and stepped on the hand (accidentally) of another child. I talked to her last night and mentioned to her again today at drop off that if she doesn't have a good day today (meaning no notes) she loses TV tonight.

Today I was talking to my co-worker who has teenagers and she says they do a meeting every month usually at dinner to tell the kids what they expect of them. However, if the rules tend to be slipping (like grades going down, too much phone usage, too much TV time, bad behavior) and any of her 3 kids start showing unacceptable behavior she'll call a special meeting. The kids hate meetings apparently. In fact, this morning her kids were all really yelling and fighting before school to the point that one child age 15 was crying. She said they were going to have a meeting. They text messaged her this afternoon that they're okay now. haha She says they'll still have a meeting. She has a sister who is a high school teacher and has really guided her on how to raise her kids. I'm going to take this to heart and call family meetings from now on. That and maybe up the time out time for bad behavior. I really need to get this under control and it needs to start with how they relate to each other in the home.

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kspt1999 said...

Now that makes more sense. I'd love to hear what they talk about at family meetings. How are they run. I know that sounds silly, but I need a better visual. LOL