Friday, February 1, 2008

Do Birds Eat Dog Food?

We've been wondering why Rosie's bowl is always empty when we get home. We give her plenty. More than plenty. Todd thinks something is eating it. I think he's thinking racoon or skunk. We have those in my neighborhood. Today I saw a bird waiting where the bowls normally go. Then after I put the food out I got the dog into her sweater (it was 38 degrees) and shoved her out the dog door and locked it.

While taking the girls to school Shawna sneezed and wet herself. Her bladder was full apparently. We dropped Paula off and I tried to convince Shawna to let me go inside the preschool to get her underwear from her cubby but she was too embarrassed so we drove all the way home. When I came in I caught a bird at Rosie's food bowl outside and it stole a piece and flew off. Little thief.

Todd still thinks the thief is bigger but the birds aren't helping either.

Do you know what else the birds did? Last spring I heard this noise near my upstairs window. It sounded like a scraping noise. I pulled open the blinds and a bird was pulling off and stealing my screen! Yep, he was using it as reinforcements to his nest. By 2 weeks I had a 3" tall x 43" long missing gap in my screen. A bird could fly IN to my window it was so big. Todd switched the screens so let's see what they do this year.

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