Friday, February 15, 2008

The kids really enjoyed the V-Day. Paula said her friend at school forgot her valentines so Paula let her friend help pass our hers to the class. I was so proud of her for doing that.

Yesterday at work we were talking about food and I started craving Chili's bacon burger. I called the hubby and said Lets Go! We all met there and had a tasty din din.

When the kids went to bed I was laying downstairs reading a book. Rosie was on the floor near me when we heard the doggie door open! It has a magnetic bottom that makes noise as it opens and closes. That darn Raccoon was considering sneaking in to look for food! Rosie started barking like crazy so the raccoon reversed direction fast. I flipped on the backyard light and saw it hop up on our side fence watching us. I locked the dog door all night to keep him out. Yikes. I really don't want him in my house.

This weekend we have no plans. We get a 3-day weekend thanks to Presidents Day. I have lots of laundry and I'm sure we'll see the Peppers a day or two. If the weather stays nice and I think it will, I'll venture out to my backyard to do a bit of garden clean up.

I have a pimply thing on the white part of my left eye. My eye doctor today said it's a swollen "thingy-ma-bob". I can't remember the name he called it. Nothing I'd ever heard before. It's due to the dryness in my eyes. I have eye drops that make it shrink and lubricant drops to use daily too.

That's all folks.....

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