Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My eye is improving. The lid is more swollen but the bump has gone down. I'm being diligent in my eye drop usage and lubricating drops. I'm hopeful by the end of the week the bump will be gone.

This past weekend the girls and I went to the library. I'm a bad mom and this was only their 2nd time ever going to this library. They really enjoyed it and want to go back to use the computers. I'll take them again on Saturday. We picked up 8 books and have read them all. Paula read half of one of them while we were in the library. Her reading is so good. I don't know if I mentioned that she tested at a
2nd grade level for reading and she's only in 1st grade. Math is a different story, but at least she's excelling in some areas.

For about a week I had a huge craving for beef strouganoff (sp) so I made that on Sunday. YUMMY! I ate it last night too. So good. I called my mom for her recipe because The Joy of Cooking cook book didn't mention breading the meat in flour, which I knew she did, or the wine and chicken stock that she does as well. We ate it with butter noodles and baby carrots. So good. Even Shawna liked it.

Paula told me last night that she needs her Daddy to pick her up later from extended care because she's not getting enough play time or snack when they leave so early. I really find it amusing she WANTS to be at school longer. It's a good sign she likes being there.

I wanted to add a picture of my Grandma Aliene (pronounced Aleene) who turned 92 on the 20th. This picture was taken last year in July. She's the epitome of what a Grandma should be. Whenever we went to visit her she had every soda in her fridge. Ice cream, hard boiled eggs, made the best breakfasts and any meal for that matter. Breakfasts ususaly consisted of oatmeal, toast, fried eggs, bacon, juice and milk. Mostly what I have great memories of were her meals. She kept the cleanest house. What is so funny is when we'd talk on the phone she'd always say she was so busy. She rarely sat down for long except at night. One of her favorite shows was Judge Judy. It cracks me up she liked that show. I need to pay a visit to her. She lives in Auburn which is 2 hours from us. Usually on our way to my parents or on the way home we stop in and see her. I miss her.

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