Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year

Shawna passed her kindergarten testing today. Yay! I wasn't worried, but it's nice to know for sure that she'll be in the same school as Paula next year. Once their both in the same big school my tuition drops by like $400! (multiple kid discount).

I just attended a Harassment Free-Workplace workshop. We get to do it every 2 years here for work. It's very imformative and always enlightens me on the fact that the little thing can be harassment to someone else.

An ice cream truck came to work and passed out free ice cream today. Mostly drumsticks, which I proceeded to eat, drop a huge chocolate nut chunk topping on my pants, melting onto my white blouse and jeans. grrrreat.

Finally, today is Leap Year. We only get February 29th once every 4 years. I went to elementary school with a guy named Kevin who was born today. We kidded him that he only had a birthday every 4 years so he was younger than us. He hated it. Not the kidding so much as the fact that he had to celebrate on Feb 28th or March 1st.
I wonder how many kids will be born today.

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