Monday, March 3, 2008


Today my daughters class went to a play at one of the local colleges to see Cinderella. I was a chaperone. The play was really cute and funny. There were 8 characters and 2 background scene's. The 2 men in the play really did a funny job. The soon to be prince and his cousin. Most of the boys in the class weren't too thrilled about seeing a "girls" play, but in the end they enjoyed it. Paula and I sat together in the theater. She was soo pleased I was with her. This was the first field trip I've gone on for her ever. Well, not true. I've done the Pumpkin Patch in preschool for her both years and Shawna both years.

This weekend Todd mostly played with his helicopters and RC cars. Him and the girls visited his sister and brother on Sunday.

Speaking of brothers, mine broke his hand on Saturday night. He has Boxers Fracture from clocking a drunk resisting arrest (my brother is a cop) in the back of his head twice. Didn't hurt the guy, just my brother. The swelling needs to go down before they'll know how to proceed but right now he has a half cast. They might need to insert pins. He's on workers comp and disability for 4-8 weeks. Today he's target practicing on squirrels at a closed golf course. Clearly his hand isn't all that bad. In fact, he says there is no pain. Just swelling.

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