Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shawna and her tablet

Shawna's latest obsession is with this little writing tablet that has a flip spiral top. Think Columbo. She carries it around with her along with the pencil practicing shapes, letters and pictures. She brought it to school yesterday and her teacher said she found it all over the classroom all day. haha

Last night she sat on my lap with her tablet and pencil. I was holding my latest book "The Cat Who Said Cheese".
This was our conversation.

Shawna: How do you spell Dog?
Me: D
Shawna: What does a D look like?
Me: (I locate a D on the page of the book and point it to her) Here is the D
Shawna: What else?
Me: O
Shawna: What does an O look like? Oh wait! (She remembers the O is a circle). Now what?
Me: G
Shawna: What does a G look like?
Me: (I locate the G on the page of the book and point it to her) Here is the G.

Shawna: How do you spell Red?
Me: (same scenario as above)

Shawna: How do you spell Daddy? Mommy? Paula? Rosie....etc.

Me: is it time for bed yet?! Yes! Awesome. Let's go!

Shawna: I want to bring my paper with me to bed.
Me: No, you can save it for tomorrow.

Today she brings it with her to school and sits down with her classmate to practice letters. I'm happy she has such a huge interest now. I'm just looking forward to when she doesn't need me to show her EVERY SINGLE LETTER to make the word.

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kspt1999 said...

ha! I love your response, "is it bedtime yet?" Yes!

I agree, it's neat when they start showing interest, but that doesn't mean the hard work is over yet.