Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend was not what we expected

Friday at 4am Shawna woke up with a high temp. She caught her sisters flu. Most of my weekend was spent with Shawna. When Todd wasn't at work, he and Paula were flying the helicopter/plane, doing RC cars, running errands or hanging with old friends and neighbors. I did get out on Friday night and hung w/the neighbor girls which is always fun.

My mom arrived Sunday afternoon. I told her to go with Todd and Paula to his parents house since my brother Alan would be there as well and she hasn't seen him since he broke his hand and had surgery.
When they got to Todd's parents they learned that their new (but old) dog had just broken free from his leash and ran away. Todd looked for an hour then came home. His dad was driving around with no luck. The family did the Easter egg/money hunt, then went to Frank's house (Todd's brother)for dinner. After that things were fine but still no news on the dog. Helen, his mom, stayed home to stay by the phone in case someone called having found Lila. Lila's dog collar has their phone number on it. The dog is still missing even now.

Shawna is still sick today. If her illness runs the same course as Paula's did she'll be sick up to Wednesday.

Please keep ME HEALTHY!!!

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