Friday, March 14, 2008

An anticipated conversation

In reading a favorite blog of mine (she has no idea I even exist by the way. I'm a total lurker) the topic of gays came up by her adorable 8 year old.
Kids are so innocent (unless if you're a child being raised by a member of the KKK or skin heads of course).
Two of my best girl friends are a couple. I adore and love them both. In fact, I often escape my family to go down to their quiet house to hang out. They live 3 houses from us. They're not touchy feely with each other. They even have their own separate bedrooms. They're at my house a lot and my girls really like them. They especially like Dina for some reason because "She Rocks". Susanne is awesome too but she's more like me who likes to watch them play rather than engage in games with them. I've told my girls that in an emergency to go down to their house if they need help. I trust them explicitly.

I live in the San Francisco bay area so you can imagine the number of gays who live here and the tolerance we have. We have a lot of tolerance. In fact, at my work, if your a transgender (ex: a man who wants to be a woman)legally they're allowed to use the woman's bathroom. We can also add our "partner" to our medical insurance.
Of course not everyone in CA is as tolerant and understanding to peoples sexual preference. For my girls we've never even discussed it. The topic never comes up. It's not like we sit around and talk about people's sexual preference. But of course on the school yard things can be said. If they saw 2 men or woman holding hands they might ask but that hasn't happened either. I do know that the subject will come up someday. It's inevitable really. I'll be proud to share my views and they'll be accepting of someone who is different from them because that's how we are in this family.

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