Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Saturday the girls and I re-arranged Paula's room a tiny bit. Her bed used to be next to the wall which made it hard to grab 'lost' items that fell down to the floor on that side, and it was hard to make the bed. She also complained because her covers would slide to the open end and leave none on the wall side. SO, her, Shawna and I took off all the bed linens, removed the mattress, bed frame, dusted, switched her night stand over and scooted over her bed about 2.5 feet. She loves the change. Of course she only slept in her room ONCE since we did this because on Saturday night she was getting sick. Sunday she had a fever of 100.03. I sent Shawna down to Tylers to play. Sunday night she and I didn't get much sleep. Her head was congested and nose runny. She woke up several times very hot and basically had a rough night. Monday she stayed at 100.07 but Motrin worked great. At 5pm she spiked to 103! Again, Motrin worked. She'd also had a bout of the runs so I was hoping the germ got booted out so to speak.
Last night all I gave her was cold/cough meds and she slept great. We had the humidifier on in Grandma's room. (that's the Sick room too since it has 2 beds so I sleep in one and she sleeps in the other). Today her temp was normal 98.6 so I'm hoping she's over it and can go to school tomorrow.

Shawna was coughing a lot this morning. Please don't get sick! Grandma is coming on Sunday to watch them all week while they're out of school. She'll stay at my house then go up to her house from Wed - Sunday. My girlfriend Jennifer is flying in from Virginia on Wed with two of her friends to stay with me for a week. I do not want to get sick!

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