Thursday, March 13, 2008

There isn't much happening that's worth posting about.

1. It was raining here again today. Actually at this moment the sun is out and it's dry. We're supposed to have more rain on Saturday. The day the kids are home. That's always nice. (not really)

2. Today Paula got to wear her new dress from Grandma for her spring pictures at school. She was up and out of bed lickity split. Free Dress days always do that for her. Shawna even popped out of bed quickly today to show me her pull-up was almost all dry. She sleeps with a nighttime pull-up for obvious reasons. Lately she's been having dry nights so we're hoping she's weaning herself off of them. Cha-Ching!

3. On NBC news today there was a lady in Kansas who was stuck on her boyfriends toilet for 2 years. 2 years people!!! "She was physically stuck by her body". Her boyfriend said he brought her food. Authorities are investigating why he waited 2 years before finally notifying someone for help. She initially refused help from responders but then finally agreed to go the hospital where they toted her attached to the toilet because she was so stuck. They removed it at the hospital. I can't even imagine. This would be a great Greys Anatomy show.

4. My husband has lost his specimen cup (empty) at the house somewhere. He's supposed to take it in tomorrow to make sure all his *guys* are gone after his surgery in January. I'm imagining the questions if my girls find it first.

Life is Grand.

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