Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Free Dress Day

Today Paula got to wear free dress to school. That's huge in her world since she wears a uniform every day. My girls LOVE dresses. They choose a dress or skirt over pants all the time. Today Shawna chose one of the new Old Navy dresses I got her that has a Hawaiian print on it. Paula picked an old favorite of hers she likes to wear on free dress days. The shoes she picked I think are too small but she doesn't complain about them hurting her feet.

Some more baby pics of Paula

Nothing is more fun than a huge box

3 months old

We were at the park and she found a balloon. I think she's like 16 mos old here.

I used that mini tub for her as long as I could.

Her First hair cut at 17 mos old

This was her last year for her birthday when she turned 6. What a change from that baby eh?


kspt1999 said...

She is so beautiful! I love seeing the baby pictures of her growing up. She really did have a lot of hair.

Are her bangs grown out now? I think that makes her looks so elegant in that last photo. When did you grow her bangs out?

Mama, Mommy, Sandra said...

Her bangs grew out over last summer. That was when Shawna wanted her bangs gone too and though it would be quicker to just remove them completely. :0)