Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not hungry

I'm taking the good Phen of the Phen Phen. They no longer make the bad Phen. The good Phen is called Phentermine. My doctor suggested it yesterday after he asked me if I was happy with my weight. NO! I gained 12 lbs after being on maintenance for a year in WW. It all started with a trip to Cabo 2 Octobers ago when I gained 4-6 lbs. Gradually 2 years later I've doubled that. He said this will kick me into getting back into my game (my words...not his). I was really ALERT this morning on this stuff but thru the day I'm feeling normal, just not hungry. It also makes your mouth really dry, forcing you to drink tons of water which is a good thing since water really helps with the weight loss.
I'm encouraged this Rx will help me get back on track. We're heading to Maui in May and I'd really like to look good.

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kspt1999 said...

Cool! I'm interested to hear how it goes. I know of someone else on another board who took it and she lost a TON of weight. Though, she did have a ton of weight to lose. Hopefully you'll be all set for your trip in May!