Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My first born is turning 7 soon

We're down to the daily countdown for Paula's birthday. She turns 7 on March 8th. Every day "Mommy, how many days until my birthday?". We're down to 4 days now! This is HUGE. :0)

Paula has quite a birth story given she was a preemie. I'll write it on Friday since this weekend is very busy. Friday night after work Todd and I have to set up for the crab feed, Saturday (her actual birthday) my parents are coming into town. At 5:30pm we're going to the crab feed and my parents will babysit. Sunday is the party. We're doing a bowling party at the nearby bowling alley with girls from her class. I'm getting RSVP's daily now that the party is close. She'll have a decent turn out. I need to decide on favors. And order her Bday cake. She said I can choose what she has on her cake. I'm heading to Safeway chica!

Here are some pics of my "baby"

You gotta luv kids in pots photos

This was an eclipse that we had. Todd made the sign she's holding. haha

Family shot.

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kspt1999 said...

Look at her! Awwww....the baby/toddler days seems so far away from them now. She had a lot of hair as a baby, huh? Have any more baby pictures? I don't think I saw that many during that time.

Seven is a big age isn't it? I always remember being seven and being in second grade. It was a big year for me. I hope it's a great year for her!