Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The accident

Some friends might remember when Paula had her accident 3 years ago. She was hit in the face with a golf club on accident by one of her cousins, age 6, at my family reunion. She walked up behind him as he was swinging the club back and got her right on the right cheek hard. Later she said she heard a firecracker. She had to go thru a cat scan. That was wild. She was very freaked out about doctors. Still is. So they had to sedate her using Versed. It made her like a noodle. They inserted it up thru her nose which really freaked me out when she complained she couldn't breath. That is one of the dangers of using Versed.
Todd went in with her for the scan. It showed she cracked her cheek bone. They can't do much when you crack your cheek bone so they told us to keep her still (yeah right! A 4 year old?!) The next day at home she was rocking in the rocking chair and flipped the dang thing over! OMG. Can you NOT give me a heart attack please! She has a scar on her cheek from the accident. It's mild but noticeable. She's so lucky it didn't hit her eye. We took her to several doctors after the incident and had her eyes checked, an ENT doctor and plastic surgeon. We don't know if she'll have lingering issues from the impact. She doesn't complain about headaches except when she's sick.

We skipped the next 2 years of family reunions. Partly because we were busy but also because the memory of that event lingered. This year we're definitely going. It's at the end of April at a different house than the accident was at. I'm actually looking forward to seeing my cousins and aunts/uncles. My kids have changed a lot in 3 years.

This is the day after the accident

This is a couple weeks after

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kspt1999 said...

I remember you telling us all about it. I still get sick to my stomach just thinking about it all happening...and I'm not even the mom, lol.

I'm glad it didn't turn out worse. She really is such a pretty little girl. Just from the pictures you've shown, I would never even know she had an accident like that.