Thursday, January 31, 2008

Morning Rituals

Today the morning went SO well. On a typical morning someone is upset or not following "procedure" and gets mommy irrirated. In our house everyone has "Jobs" in the AM. For example, Paula gets herself dressed, brushes her own teeth, brushes her own hair and gets her shoes on. She's also now semi-responsible for getting Rosie out into the backyard with her food/water bowl. If she does all her jobs and has time to spare she can watch TV downstairs until we head out the door.

Shawna gets help from me getting dressed, CAN brush her own teeth but usually refuses, CAN brush her own hair but usually doesn't want to, and CAN do her own shoes but Mommy usually has to do that too. When I'm running late due to some clothing or hair crisis of MY own I crack down on Shawna for not doing HER jobs and making us more late by making me help her.

Mommy is responsible for getting herself ready, I get Paula up and put her clothes out for her, I put the toothpaste on their toothbrushes and set them out on the bathroom counter, I get Shawna up and dressed, pack their lunches with food I'd prepared the night before, prepare their breakfast which is usually popping 2 frozen waffles in the toaster oven, get Paula's soy milk out, Shawna's water w/ice on the counter, make sure Paula's backpack is packed with her lunch, get their coats on, make sure the dog is outside with water and food and that I have everything I need to bring with me to work. I'm even packing my own lunch now. It's all very precise and leaves little room for variances. Shawna is left to do her own hair and find her shoes. Believe me, that is a lot for her since she barely can manage both.

On some mornings Paula whines that she wants me to help her get dressed. I always say no and that upsets her. Some days Shawna doesn't want to get out of bed to get dressed or spends too much time playing with the dog. Our mornings do not come with EXTRA time. We get up at the last minute and are out the door and to school on time. There is no room to vary from "procedure".

Today we were all happy! I decided to just forego a shower until after I dropped the girls off to school. Paula was happy because she got to wear her softball jersey to school. Shawna woke up happy too. Everyone got along, no fighting. We even had time to STYLE hair! I braided Paula's and put Shawna's in pony tails.

Woo Hoo! I love mornings like that.

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