Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crab Feed Mania

Yesterday Paula got sent home from school at lunch time for coughing, heavy runny nose and laying her head on her desk. Poor thing. Once home she ate her hot lunch which consisted of a bean burrito, spanish rice, watermellon and a cookie. She ate great. Then I put her down for a nap a little after 1pm. She woke up at 4pm. She was tuckered. She had a hard time falling asleep last night but once I put her in my room with the sleeping bag at 10:30pm (which is when I finally went to bed) she crashed. Getting up was tough today but she got to wear free dress so she was happy. They turn in their map project at school. She and her dad (mostly her dad) did this project and I wanted her to be there today to turn it in. She didn't cough or have a runny nose today at all so hopefully she makes it thru the day.

Shawna woke up this morning and the first thing she said all sleepily was "3 more days till my birthday". So cute. I need to order cupcakes for her class on Friday. There are 18 kids and 6 teachers. Plus I need to bring juice. Then I need to order her cake and buy all the stuff for her party on Sunday. She's having a princess party but she's also added she'd like Hello Kitty. Her cake could say "Hello Kitty Princess Shawna" she said. haha

There are a ton of crab feeds going on now thru March for fundraising activities thru schools in the area. My neighbors went last Saturday to one and had a blast so they want to go to another one. Our school has a huge one with an auction (silent and live) every year. My first time going was last year. You have to request a full table (8 people) otherwise they just stick you anywhere. We're trying to make a table of 16 right now. I'll be working on that today since ticket sales go on sale Sunday and normally sell in 3 days!

I think that's it. I'm off to earn my keep.

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