Friday, January 18, 2008

Braces on longer

Today I had an appt with the Periodontist who is going to do my dental implants. It was a meeting to go over what the next steps are and to book the appt for the surgery. He took 4 Xrays and determined there is definitely enough root room to insert an implant in my front area spot. He wanted me to the Prosthodontist, who is in charge of the crowns to cover the implant nub. I made an appt for the implant with the understanding that I'll be getting an anesthesiologist. The cost of all this is enormous. But it's why I did the braces in the first place. The braces needed to move the roots so it all fit.

After making my Feb appt I drove to see the Prosthodontist (who I really like and respect) and he gave me news I wasn't expecting. First, my front bite is too far forward and needs to be moved back. I can agree to this now that he's made it apparent. Next, I have a small tooth next to my 2 center teeth. My moms side of the family have this condition and I inherited it in 1 tooth. The plan from teh beginning was we would move it to allow for a veneer. On the opposite side is #11 which is missing. In an attempt to move the roots, the spaces next to the 2 center teeth are 10mm...the same size as my 2 front teeth! How lame would that be if I had 4teeth on top all the same size. Bad. I know how this happened and why, (my root is tipped so to move it over the distance below got wider) but now how do we fix this issue.
1. We could put all 4 teeth the same size. NOT
2. We could do veneers on the front teeth making them larger while capping the other 2. Not my favorite idea because I hate messing with perfectly good teeth. Hence why I'm doing all this work in the first place to avoid another bridge.
3. He can add to the eye teeth using filling material and "beef" them up making them wider, filling in the space. My first choice as of now.

We can't do much more with the braces for this problem because I have a 3 part bridge on the upper right (if your me) which can't be moved using braces. AND you want all the teeth to be uniform, meaning both eye teeth s/b the same size, both front teeth s/b the same size, etc.

So I'm bummed.

Edited to say: I received a call from one of the dentists. All 3 did a conference call and the Ortho says he can lessen the space and push the upper teeth in. I have an appt for next week.

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